2018 – You’ve been one HECK of a Year!

2018 has been one heck of a year.

It’s been a whirlwind of blessings, lessons, challenges and a whole lot of abundance.

An abundance of love, happiness, joy and success.

If you had told me, this time last year that by December 2018, Jackson and I would be living out of home, waiting to finalise the details for our first home build, I would’ve told you that you’re mental. I mean sure, it was something that I had fantasied about, but not something that I expected to eventuate so quickly, but it did and for that I am utterly grateful.

Astrologically, 2018 was a year of new beginnings, a year of releasing what was in the past and embracing all the new horizons coming into being. 2018 Astrological Overview

I can honestly say that this prediction, looking back over the year, has in fact been exactly what this year has been all about. I’ve said goodbye to university, goodbye to my first full-time job, goodbye to my fears and anxieties and hello to a job that I love, a course that I am passionate about and a life that nurtures my mental, physical and spiritual health.

In review, this year has looked like this:

A road-trip around New Zealand’s North Island, moving out of our family homes, moving into our own home, starting my yoga teacher training course, Jackson completing TAFE, Jackson landing his first full time job, moving closer to family, adopting Jessie (our doggy), saying goodbye to negative relationships, buying land, awaiting approval for a home loan, starting my freelance blog and business…

Throughout 2018 I have been delving into my consciousness and discovering what life means to me. I have discovered the art of living intentionally, and though I am by no means a master of this, I am fully embracing it.

Here are a few lessons that really stand out to me as I reflect on this past year:

  1. If you haven’t used it, worn it, or even thought about it within the last 2 months, you probably don’t need it. Donate it, sell it or repurpose it. De-cluttering has been a HUGE part of this year, everything that I currently own serves a purpose and adds value to my life. We have everything that we need and want, having less stuff allows for more room to breathe.
  2. Avoid plastic, reduce your waste, save yourself money and save the environment! Australian’s produce 3 million tonnes of plastic each year, only 12% is recycled and and up to 130,000 tonnes of that plastic ends up in the oceans. By doing little things like refusing straws when you purchase a drink, recycling soft plastics at your local grocery store and really thinking about what it is that you’re purchasing, you can really reduce the amount of rubbish, particularly plastic, that you are throwing away. It’s astounding just how much plastic there is EVERYWHERE. WWF – Plastic Pollution
  3. Energy vampires can go drain someone else. As an empath, I get seriously worn out when I’m around certain people, it’s exhausting, but by putting up boundaries I’m able to decide how much of myself I give away to these people.
  4. You can only help people who are willing to help themselves. No matter how hard you try, no matter what you say or do, people need to be at the point in their journey where they realise that they need help and that the best person to help them is in fact themselves.
  5. Listen to that little voice in your head, that’s usually your gut feeling and that feeling is almost always right. It doesn’t mean that it’s what’s right for everyone, but it’s what’s right for you at whatever point you are in your life. You’ll thank yourself later
  6. You already have everything that you need. As humans in our modern day society, we’re always looking for happiness in things, we’re always searching for more, but what if we already have everything that we need to be perfectly happy, we’re just blindsided by our consumerist culture that we’re unable to be grateful and truly happy with what we’ve got?

As I write my last few chapters in my book of 2018, I look back with a grateful heart.

I thank the universe for all that I have been blessed with and I look forward to all that is to come in 2019, a year that promises to be one of plenty opportunity! 2019 Astrological Overview

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