Vulnerability is Fricken COOL

Let’s stop pretending like we have our shit together, and let’s start embracing the fact that we don’t and that that is okay!

I can’t imagine anything more boring than the perfect life, with the perfect family, living in the perfect home.

I’d much rather a spontaneous life, filled with challenges and a crazy, loving family in a home that oozes with good vibes.

Yes, there are bits and bobs lying around, and yes, my hair is a big frizzy mess but what matters is the gratitude that I feel for each and every aspect of this life.

Personally, I don’t measure success by the amount of money I have sitting in the bank, or the material possessions I’ve attained. Actually, I couldn’t care less about either one of those things. What I care about are the experiences that I’ve had.

These experiences have allowed me to be real, to be honest and to show my vulnerability.

Come on people, gone are the days that vulnerability showed weakness… vulnerability is fricken cool, let’s embrace it and be proud of ourselves for doing so.

How awesome is it to see someone who’s working hard, chasing their dreams, and being honest about where they’re at? Being honest about the fact that yes, they’re struggling a little along the way, finding it hard to make ends meet. But they’re following their passion and they’re doing so while striving to become a better version of themselves.

Isn’t that just so much more exciting!?

There is no point running away, trying to hide from our authenticity. At the end of the day that which we run from is what makes us who we are.

Embracing my physical body and the way that it is naturally structured has been a battle of epic proportions for me, it’s something that I wish no one had to go through, EVER, but it’s also something that I know I needed to grow through, essentially it was a blessing in disguise.

As an early teen my battle with my body manifested itself in the form of an eating disorder, that was my way of running away from who I was, I became a completely different person.

Thinking back to that time is actually quite surreal, it’s as though I have those memories but like those memories belong to somebody else.

I hope my story can inspire other people who are struggling to embrace their body, struggling to feel like they belong in their skin.

It’s been about 10 years now since having been diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa, and I can honesty say that although it’s been a long, hard journey I have finally embraced who I am. I am finally grateful for the body that I have been given but most importantly, I am grateful for the experience, it’s taught me the power of showing my vulnerability.

Being vulnerable makes us human, being human means that we find connections. When you’re brave enough to tell your story, people will listen and those who are meant to will connect with you, they’ll vibe your story.

It’s through vulnerability that we grow.

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